Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strong Like Bull

We have been doing squats consecutively for like two months now. I'm surprised that I don't walk like I am sitting in a chair, all of the time. I'm not complaining, just observing.

At Kung Fu Donnas practice this past Sunday, we scrimmaged for a very long time. During one of the periods, Buster hit Cocoa, who tripped Lulu, who tripped me. It was like dominoes on wheels except I didn't just fall over, I flew. I landed on my left hip and there was a cartoon action bubble that read "KAPOW" over me, immediately following. You know when you hurt yourself, but you're not crying because it hurts, you're crying because it scared the crap out of you? I'll admit it. I might have teared up. Maybe.

Anyway, when I fell I subsequently cut my hand on my wrist guard and broke a chunk of the plastic off of my kneepad. I posted a craigslist ad under the "barter" section for a new protective gear in exchange for a ticket to our next bout. Someone responded with, "Is it really that expensive?" Obviously they are not in college.