Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crackin' Whips, and Skulls

There's not much to say about the past two weeks of practice, really. They've basically consisted of going back to our cave(wo)man roots, clubbing each other with hips and shoulders. Tuesdays are mainly focused on speedwork and technique, and so for an hour and a half we skated around with a designated partner, hitting them in the same spots over and over. Barbie Crash, brown belt, is very focused on perfecting her hits in order to knock me over. She wants to get better at hitting lilliputians while I am concerned with being able to whack over Goliaths. Knocking our hip bones against each other, yelping from time to time, so focused on getting the other girl down while simultaneously remaining friends on Thursday, when we had bruises and swollen hips the size of melons. We make a good team.

The season closer is slowly but surely sneaking up on us. Street-teaming started this week and all of the women are becoming better skaters. With Coco She'llnailya out for the last bout due to an injury, we're getting nervous and anxious and more aggressive.

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