Monday, October 27, 2008

The Black and Blue Ball certainly lived up to its name! Both teams played hard as heck, and word on the street is, it sold out. My first jam was terrifying, as expected. There was some confusion as to whether or not I was jamming first, so when I was heading back to the line, the pack had already started and I was shakin' in my skates. Cox and I were up against each other. I made it through the pack as lead jammer, but then had an epic fall: an "almost-fall, then spin-around, then an actual fall." She got me that time. Later in the first half I scored a grand slam and in the second half I made it around four times I think, while the Chanel ladies made a human wall, blocking the Deathrow Dolls jammer.

Lucy Cannon on Chanel thrashed! It was incredible watching her make her way through each time. I don't even think she fell once. When Sexecutioner pushed her way past the DRD jammer, she stuck her gold booty short-covered butt out at her. We all work well as a team, especially as the new girls. I love that we communicate while we're still out there.

The black belts raged just as hard. Coco She'llNailya and Buster Hiney were jamming like crazy and got past Urrkin' . We were all so excited to just be there!

More to come in a bit, I have class. But Chanel Cartel and the Deathrow Dolls are tied now, so come December things are bound to get verrrry interrresting...

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