Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Maniacs, Maniacs on the Floor

Last night we had a dress rehearsal to get ourselves ready for Saturday. I'm not gonna lie, whenever I think about Saturday I get really nervous. I don't want to be nervous when I skate, but then I don't think that I can help it.

Everyone wore their outfits and made necessary alterations/dress chops. I got used to skating in my Madonna circa 1988 dress. Normally it would've been a lot easier to get in the spirit of jamming and blocking well, however my body hates me and thought that it'd be a good time to make me PMS severely and hurt everywhere and be irritated with everything. I guess it's better to want to rage when you get on the track, but not when all you want to do is rage..and eat chocolate. It'll be gone by this Saturday.

The Chanel Cartel brown belts (aka the newer ladies and I) didn't do that well yesterday. I really don't want to get myself down about this weekend, but it's hard not to overthink. I hope that we talk more to each other while we're in the pack, and hit everyone. Ever. Everyone possible.

If you're in town, tune in tonight on KCSU, the college radio station, between 7 and 9pm. Cox, Urrkin' and I will be giving away tickets, goofin' off and talking to Matthew the dj, who also happens to be our old housemate. Weird!

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