Thursday, October 23, 2008

You get three tries and then I'll t-bone you, AND take your firstborn!

Radio Show ReCap: Totally Goofy

Matt Martin had a few questions written down that he'd planned on asking us. We went over the upcoming EVENT, as well as future recruitment and the likes. In the middle, we meddled with radio policy. Apparently on KCSU, you aren't allowed to advertise (despite "music breaks" where they mention certain bro-packed bars repeatedly...), so we weren't allowed to say the name of the venue, aka Rollerland, on air. When it was time to promote our upcoming bout, Iona and Cox let me do that. They probably shouldn't have:

"So, I have a riddle for you: This Saturday - roller derby, ladies on rollerskates," I said.

"What kind of skates?" Cox asked.

"Quads. Now, I want you to come, but I can't tell you where it is. I won't tell you. You have to guess."

"And we all know how many places with rinks there are to rollerskate in town," Matt said.

"Yes there are. It starts at six, the two home teams are playing, and it rhymes with... 'Schlollerschland!"

Matt's face went a little pale.

"That's not all," I added. "If you don't guess right, we get to keep your firstborn."

"It's true, we have so many firstborns," Iona said. "We're thinking of starting a Junior league."

"That place where you can rollerskate is packed full of superbabies because people don't guess well."

We had a few comp tickets to give away, too. One of the questions we asked referenced Linda Calvello, a derby lady from the 70s who actually dragged an opponent acround the rink several times, while repeatedly punching her. This was before penalties got called for everything ever and I had to spend half of the jam in the box because I fell and tripped someone during the process.

Check out Linda in action!:

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